Hannibal Boudoir

Ken Merrell
Photographer Ken Merrell

One of my loves in life is getting behind a camera and seeing what can be created. I have been an award winning photographer only because I find my passion in the beauty of what the camera can capture.

For years I have been photographing the wonderful beauty of the night skies of Door County Wisconsin featuring the Milky Way and well known landmarks. Some of these have made national publications, magazine covers, 2016 Discover Wisconsin Calendar Cover, 2017 Wisconsin Lodging Directory Cover, various advertising along with commercial ads. Along the way I have received numerous awards on local, state and national levels. ​

Portrait work is becoming a wonderful favorite of mine, and Boudoir is very special, working closely with clients to create beautiful photography that clients find freeing and expressive that goes beyond what was thought of. I do my best to make everyone feel at ease, comfortable and with lots of coaching and encouragement, and as always I invite my clients to have a comforting friend along with them. ​

I've recently located to Hannibal, MO to enjoy being closer to family and all the area has to offer!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions via the contact page, I'm happy to answer any questions, I know this can be new and different so don't be afraid to ask!! Thank you! Ken